The Glass Managerie’s cover of Nilsson’s I Said Goodbye to Me

A combination of my laziness and being busy with other things have led me to the decision of abandoning this here blog for a while. I’ll be posting music things on my other blog over here if you care to come along.

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Harry Nilsson - Walk Right Back

This song with the “twenty second filler” sums up just why it is I love Harry Nilsson so much; The harmonies, his cozy blanket of a voice, the catchy simplicity of his melodies, the playful cheeriness of the clunky piano with the pleading lyrics of the abandoned and heartbroken.

He had the graceful ability to (in this case, quite literally,) incorporate a piece of something from pop music and not only transform it into something of his very own with his, he’d make it better than it was to begin with. Then, of course, there was his cheeky attitude and complete inability to take the business side of his craft seriously.

Young Galaxy’s Phantoms, an appropriate way to kick off Halloweekend.

Andrew Bird: Fever Year, a film by Xan Aranda.

Dave Bixby’s Drug Song

Tyler Ramsey

Raven Shadow

Stop everything! Dan Mangan has a new album!  This dude is responsible for writing an 8 minute track with poet Shane Koyczan about a mom known to make me cry, a song about robots, and one of my all time favorite tracks, Sold.

Tyler Ramsey, providing my dreary day soundtrack.

Girl Crisis covers Ace of Base; my inner-thirteen year old rejoices.

Well rocked, gentlemen. 


Cokeville, WY is the first Monstress track to come out of the studio! Check it out…